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Lucilla Ronai in hi-vis lying under an orange heritage helicopter helping to preserve it

Hi, I'm a professional conservator (also known as a heritage conservator, art conservator, museum conservator or object doctor) with over 6 years of national and international experience. I repair and preserve material culture and artefacts, with a bit of science and a lot of laughing. I work with a wide range of objects from paper, to books and photographs... and have been known to clean a helicopter or two!

Currently I am the Coordinator, Conservation for Digitisation at the National Library of Australia. I have been fortunate to also work as a conservator at incredible places such as the Australian National Maritime Museum, Library of Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and State Library of Queensland.

I have a passion for sharing my conservation work through my YouTube Channel 'The Conservation Starter'.


Career Highlights include:

  • Named 2021 Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM) Conservator of the Year

  • Collaborating with Sydney Analytical (University of Sydney)

  • Receiving the 2019 Darling Travel Grant Global to travel around the USA researching cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate

  • Receiving the Nicholas Hadgraft Memorial Scholarship to attend the Montefiascone Book Conservation Summer School in Italy

  • Handling a 5th century early Irish manuscript to assist with its digitisation

Please feel free to contact me and find out more below.



I have create the YouTube channel 'The Conservation Starter' to share conservation and answer your conservation questions.

My videos:

  • share conservation tips & tricks and give you tools to care for your own treasures

  • bring you behind-the-scenes to see cultural heritage items as conservators do

  • and demystify the world of galleries, libraries, archives and museums

Lucilla Ronai's art conservation tools laid out on a conservation bench


Lucilla Ronai wearing gloves handling photographs from the National Library of Australia

Senior Conservator

National Library of Australia

2021 - now

Lucilla Ronai working as Conservation Intern at Trinity College Dublin

Conservation Intern

Library of Trinity College Dublin

2015 - 2016

Lucilla Ronai undertaking scientific analysis using FTIR at the Australian National Maritime Museum

Conservator (Paper)

Australian National Maritime Museum

2016 - 2021

Lucilla Ronai installing an exhibition at State Library of Queensland

Exhibitions Conservator

State Library of Queensland


Lucilla Ronai dry cleaning a photograph at Trinity College Dublin

Project Conservator

Library of Trinity College Dublin


Lucilla Ronai Conservation Intern at State Library of NSW

Conservation Intern

State Library of New South Wales