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Lucilla Ronai in hi-vis lying under an orange heritage helicopter helping to preserve it

Hi, I'm a professional conservator (also known as a heritage conservator, art conservator, museum conservator or object doctor) with over 6 years of national and international experience. I repair and preserve material culture and artefacts, with a bit of science and a lot of laughing. I work with a wide range of objects from paper, to books and photographs... and have been known to clean a helicopter or two!

Currently I am the Coordinator, Conservation for Digitisation at the National Library of Australia. I have been fortunate to also work as a conservator at incredible places such as the Australian National Maritime Museum, Library of Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and State Library of Queensland.

I have a passion for sharing my conservation work through my YouTube Channel 'The Conservation Starter'.


Career Highlights include:

  • Named 2021 Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM) Conservator of the Year

  • Collaborating with Sydney Analytical (University of Sydney)

  • Receiving the 2019 Darling Travel Grant Global to travel around the USA researching cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate

  • Receiving the Nicholas Hadgraft Memorial Scholarship to attend the Montefiascone Book Conservation Summer School in Italy

  • Handling a 5th century early Irish manuscript to assist with its digitisation

Please feel free to contact me and find out more below.

The Conservation Starter


I have create the YouTube channel 'The Conservation Starter' to share conservation and answer your conservation questions.

My videos:

  • share conservation tips & tricks and give you tools to care for your own treasures

  • bring you behind-the-scenes to see cultural heritage items as conservators do

  • and demystify the world of galleries, libraries, archives and museums

Lucilla Ronai's art conservation tools laid out on a conservation bench


Lucilla Ronai wearing gloves handling photographs from the National Library of Australia

Senior Conservator

National Library of Australia

2021 - now

Lucilla Ronai working as Conservation Intern at Trinity College Dublin

Conservation Intern

Library of Trinity College Dublin

2015 - 2016

Lucilla Ronai undertaking scientific analysis using FTIR at the Australian National Maritime Museum

Conservator (Paper)

Australian National Maritime Museum

2016 - 2021

Lucilla Ronai installing an exhibition at State Library of Queensland

Exhibitions Conservator

State Library of Queensland


Lucilla Ronai dry cleaning a photograph at Trinity College Dublin

Project Conservator

Library of Trinity College Dublin


Lucilla Ronai Conservation Intern at State Library of NSW

Conservation Intern

State Library of New South Wales


Professional Experience
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